Sam Maleski – queering sci-fi since 1996

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Published Works


2020 – “Worlds Thousand A Of Shards The“, short story, in How to Survive the Winter, ed. Dillon O’Hara, Arcbeatle Press.

2020 – “Hearts of Gold“, short story, in Cwej: Down the Middle, ed. Hunter O’Connell, Arcbeatle Press

2020 – “Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis“, short story, in Master Works, published by Elizabeth A. Allen

2020 – “Registred Clawmarks ™ “, short story, in Lady Aesculapius – Season One, ed. Michael Robertson, Arcbeatle Press

2018 – “The Sun and the Sunken City“, short story, in A 10 000 Dawns Christmas, ed. James Wylder, Arcbeatle Press.


2021 – “A Bubble Away From the Liars – The Morality of The Sarah Jane Adventures“, article, in Sarah Jane Smith – Roving Reporter, Pencil Tip Publishing

2020 – “The Black Archive #49: Arachnids in the UK“, monography, Obverse Books

2019 – “Sheffield Steel – Essays on the Thirteenth Doctor: volume 1, 2018-19“, essay collection, Arcbeatle Press

Hire me!

If you’re a publisher looking for stories, please get in touch below!

If you’re not, I’d be more than happy to provide services against payment, including:

  • Editing! Give me money so I can tell you everything wrong about your story/essay/thesis/speech at the Senate. Promise, I’ll be nice (but not too nice).
  • Translation! I speak English, write in English, and was born in France. Also, I studied translation for a good three years at university. If you want to pull a Cyrano on someone but don’t speak the language, I will not rest until I find the accurate metaphor to convey your longing, I swear to god.
  • Writing! You want to gift someone a story for a special occasion? I’ve got you covered, pal, don’t you worry. I don’t have hard boundaries regarding content, but will get in touch if I have an issue with your commission prompt.

In every case – prices start at 10$/1000 words, with possibility to adjust depending on the amount of content to review or produce.

About Me

I was born in 1996, in a Parisian suburb you’ll probably never have heard of if you’re not into city planning.

This was followed, as it usually is, by academia – the highlight reel of which includes (beyond some embarassing theatre performances in high school), a BAC L with “très bien” distinction, an under-admissibility at the Ecole Normale Supérieure’s entry contest (I got 19.5 at the English exam, dammit, it wac close), and two BAs, in English linguistic and culture studies & French literature, respectively. I’m currently completing my skills portfolio by attending a BA in film and screenwriting at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.

Parallel to that, I started writing both fiction and non-fiction regularily, my first book, SHEFFIELD STEEL – ESSAYS ON THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR, being published in September 2019.

I can play the recorder, love to pet cats, can’t cook, and will never stop talking if left unimpeded.


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